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.adp is Access Project

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File Extension .adp
Format N/A
Created by Microsoft
Category Database

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What is an .ADP file?

The adp file extension is associated with Microsoft Access, a database management system, part of Microsoft Office Suite, developed by Microsoft Corporation.

The adp files are used for Microsoft Access project files. The latest versions of Microsoft Access are using the accdp file extension instead.

A Microsoft Access project gives you access to data stored on SQL Servers via familiar OLEDB technology. With the Microsoft Access Project you can work in the client/server mode as easily as in the file server mode, which you could do with earlier (prior 20 Access 2000) versions.

With the Access Project construct, Microsoft has extended the playground of MS Access to the RDBMS arena. The data is all stored in the SQL Server (or, its junior version, MSDE), but the Access application will have access to this data by the OLEDB connectivity which can be implemented in the Access application (or by establishing a connection outside the application).

Files with adp file extension are database projects created in older versions of Microsoft Access. Replaced by .accdb files in later MS Access.

How to open:

You can open the *.adp files in Microsoft Access.

How to convert:

The only program capable of export of *.adp projects is MS Access.
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