Files Extension - Recently updated

File Extension File Type
.vmap_c Valve Source 2 Compiled Map File
.mx2 MasterCook Recipe File, Heroes of Might and Magic II (HOMM2) Game Map File
.v2f Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators Function File
.%3F%3F%3F Yamaha A3000 sample
.rt_ Winhelp Compressed File
.snp Microsoft Access Report Snapshot file, Keysight Touchstone file
.znp Touchstone RF Data Stored File
.m2a MPEG-1 Layer 2 Audio File
.tp7 Teenage Engineering digital audio file
.gwb InterWrite Workspace Presentation File
.scw Movie Magic Screenwriter proprietary file
.tapesrcmdl TAPEStry Command Language (TCL) script file
.rnd Random Seed File
.cmdx Clinical Map Document File
.bwe Black And White 2 Environment Data file
.gdv Gremlin Digital Video file
.ppenc Ashampoo Magical Security Encrypted file
.hlsli High Level Shader Language shader header file
.hl_ HeuristicLab Data file
.zodb Zope Object-oriented Database file
.lpaq1 WinRAR Archiving Proprietary File
.soundstudiopreset Sound Studio DAW Preset File
.mp3skin Media Player Skin File
.g01 HEC-RAS geometry file, MicroSim PCBoard photoplot artwork file