Game Files - Files Extension

File Extension File Type
.3ds 3D Studio Scene
.001 Split Archive File
.0 Shared Library Link File
.68k SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics ROM File
.3dsx Homebrew Launcher File
.32x Sega 32X ROM
.3dz Nintendo 3DS ROM
.555 Black & White Weather Settings File
.8ld Overlord 2 Language File
.00 The Ur-Quan Masters Saved Game Slot 0 File
.ai Adobe Illustrator File
.adt ACT! Document Template
.arc Norton Backup Archive
.abk Automatic Backup File
.ar Midtown Madness Data File
.age3sav Age of Empires 3 Save File
.arch00 F.E.A.R. Game Archive
.air Adobe AIR Installation Package
.am1 Adventure Maker
.aao America's Army Map File
.age3scn Age of Empires 3 Scenario File
.atm Vue Atmospheres File
.ass Aegisub Advanced Substation Alpha File
.ain Source Engine Compiled AI Nodegraph File