.3DMDEF File

.3dmdef is 3DMark Definition File

Key Features: .3DMDEF File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .3dmdef
Format XML
Created by Futuremark
Category Data

What is an .3DMDEF file?

Settings file used by 3DMark, an application that enables users to benchmark the 3D gaming capability of a Windows computer; contains settings that define the 3DMark test; includes command-line options, number of benchmark loops, and scaling modes.

Default 3DMDEF files are located in the following directory:
C:\Program Files\Futuremark\3DMark\

Each benchmark test uses a 3DMDEF file. Some examples of 3DMDEF files included in 3DMark are icestorm.3dmdef, skydiver.3dmdef, firestrike.3dmdef, and cloudgate.3dmdef.

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