.~CR File

.~cr is Recovered picture or data

Key Features: .~CR File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .~cr
Format N/A
Created by WinRecovery Software
Category Temporary

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What is an .~CR file?

File extension ~cr is sometimes used by data recovery software for images that were recovered from memory card or hard drives.

In most cases renaming the ~cr file extension to the original extension (most likely JPEG) should make them accessible by image viewers again. This works because recovery software usually does not alter the data it recovers, so if it was JPEG it will still be JPEG.

Sometimes however, images are not fully recovered and can be damaged (lines, chopped images, squares, error drawing, or no full image, etc.).

This file extension can also be used for temporary files.

How to open:

Try to rename the *.~cr file extension to JPG and open it in any image viewer.

How to convert:

The recovered images are basically JPEG, so you can rename them to restore their default associations.

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