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.xmcd is Mathcad Worksheet File

Key Features: .XMCD File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .xmcd
Format XML
Created by Parametric Technology Corporation
Category Data

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What is an .XMCD file?

The xmcd file extension is related to Mathcad, a mathematics and engineering calculation software from Mathsoft available since 1986.

The xmcd file contains XML based worksheet  created with Mathcadetric. It may contain both math and text elements.

An xmcd file extension is related to the PTC Mathcad, a computing and engineering software. An xmcd file contains worksheet.

How to open:

You can open *.xmcd only using Mathcad.

How to convert:

Mathcad supports export to several file types including PDF.
Mathcad Worksheet File - File openers


  1. PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0
  2. SMath Studio

Parametric Technology Corporation



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