.TPIC File

.tpic is TrueVision TARGA image

Key Features: .TPIC File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .tpic
Format N/A
Created by ACD Systems International Inc.
Category Bitmap image

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What is an .TPIC file?

The tpic file extension is used for TrueVision Targat image. This is a format for storing bitmaps that was developed in conjunction with a number of video capture and graphics adapter boards for the PC and Macintosh.

The format has thus become popular in the world of still-video editing. The format was revised in 1989 to add support for new capabilities (thus there are "original" and "new" TGA formats).

How to open:

Use compatible tools to view content of *.tpic files.

How to convert:

Compatible tools are able to export *.tpic files to other formats.

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