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.tne is Manga Studio Tone File

Key Features: .TNE File Extension

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File Extension .tne
Format N/A
Created by CELSYS
Category Vector Image

What is an .TNE file?

A TNE file is a graphic file used by Manga Studio, an application used for creating comic books. It stores a pattern that can texturize a fill area, such as clothing, shadows, hair, or other drawn objects. TNE files can be applied to a Tone layer in a Manga drawing.

Tones often look like the dotted background commonly seen in comics. They are used to add depth and illustrate the direction of light.

NOTE: Manga Studio became Clip Studio Paint in 2015. It is also known as ComicStudio in Japan.

Manga Studio Tone File - File openers


  1. CELSYS Clip Studio Paint Pro


  1. CELSYS Clip Studio Paint Pro


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