.TN3 File

.tn3 is Tiny High Resolution Image

Key Features: .TN3 File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .tn3
Format Binary
Created by Atari
Category Raster Image

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What is an .TN3 file?

File extension tn3 is mainly associated with the TiNY bitmap image file format. TiNY was popular picture image file format on Atari ST 16-bit computers, .tn3 files represents TiNY bitmap picture in high resolution.

Files with tn3 extension may be encountered as graphics files in TiNY bitmap image file format which was once popular on Atari ST computers.

How to open:

Use XnView or similar graphics viewer to open and view TiNY bitmap images.

How to convert:

Use XnView to convert TiNY bitmap images to any other graphics file format.
Tiny High Resolution Image - File openers


  1. XnViewMP
  2. Newera Graphics Converter Pro


  1. XnViewMP


  1. XnViewMP


Raster Image


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