.TN File

.tn is LG Phone Image

Key Features: .TN File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .tn
Format Binary
Created by LG
Category Raster Image

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What is an .TN file?

The tn file extension is used for images saved in SD card of some LG smartphones.

Most likely common JPEGs encoded on the device. To transfer the files to PC, connect the phone via USB to computer as mass storage device, also can be send via e-mail or mms message.

Files with tn file extension can be found as jpg images encoded on SD cards in LG smartphones.

How to open:

Use IrfanView to open tn file, just simply rename *.tn file extension to *.jpg.

How to convert:

You can try to rename tn to *.jpg and see if that works, but quite often these files are encrypted and only meant for the original mobile device.
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