.tmpreferences is TextMate or Sublime Text preferences

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File Extension .tmpreferences
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What is an .TMPREFERENCES file?

The tmpreferences file extension is associated with the TextMate text editor with GUI for Apple Mac OS X (macOS) operating system.

It contains various features used to help with source code writing.

The .tmpreferences file contains basic TextMate settings.

This settings files use also Sublime Text (text and code editor available on all major platforms) for syntax highlighting or other settings.

How to open:

The *.tmPreferences file type is in common text format. You can open and edit it by any text editor. This file fulfills its purpose only in programs and code editors (Sublime Text, TextMate) that can import *.tmPreferences files and use them for the syntax highlighting or other settings.

How to convert:

There is no reason to convert this file type into other file format. It is possible to convert it into any text file type or XML, but the purpose of this file is only for setting up the program (TextMate or SublimeText).

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