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.tmh is Trace message header

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File Extension .tmh
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What is an .TMH file?

The trace message header (TMH) file is a text file that contains declarations of functions and variables used by the tracing code that WPP generates. The header file also includes macros that add trace message formatting instructions to a PDB file of a trace provider, such as a kernel-mode driver or user-mode application.

WPP generates the tmh file automatically when you compile a trace provider that includes WPP macros. The thm file has the same name as the source file, but with a .tmh file name extension. WPP saves the file in the same directory as the source file.

How to open:

Use Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit to open *.tmh header files.

How to convert:

Although you can technically "convert" message headers much like any other text file, there is practically no reason to do it, as such conversions would be pointless.

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