.TME File

.tme is Bryce Time File

Key Features: .TME File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .tme
Format Binary
Created by DAZ Productions
Category 3D Image

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What is an .TME file?

The tme file extension is related to Bryce, a 3D modeling, rendering and animation program specializing in fractal landscapes.

A *.tme file contains saved time curves used by the program. The files Accel Engine.tme and Def Accel Engine.tme are saved in the Presets folder.

Files with tme extension are used by the Bryce program as a graphics files.

How to open:

Use Bryce to open the .tme files.

How to convert:

The tme extension files can be converted into br4 file format by the Bryce program.
Bryce Time File - File openers


  1. DAZ 3D Bryce 7 Pro


  1. DAZ 3D Bryce 7 Pro

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