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.tim is The Incredible Machine Level

Key Features: .TIM File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .tim
Format N/A
Created by Sierra
Category Game

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What is an .TIM file?

The tim file extension is also sometimes used for Tagged Image File Format.

TIM is the one of the most widely supported lossless (does not lose information during compression) file formats for storing bit-mapped images (both PCs and Macintosh computers).

TIFF graphics can be any resolution, in black and white, gray-scaled, or color. Is used un-compressed or LZW compressed. Many different formats (Uncompressed, Huffman compressed, Jpeg,CCITT3/4, G3 FAX, G4 FAX, Packed Bits).

Probably a variant of standard TIF format.

A tim file extension is related to the Tagged Image file format a lossless format used to store bitmap images.

How to open:

Use XnView to view content of the TIM files.

How to convert:

XnView is also able to transform *.tim files to other formats.




How to solve problems with TIM files