.tiapp is TiTanium App

Key Features: .TIAPP File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .tiapp
Format N/A
Created by TiMedia
Category Executable

What is an .TIAPP file?

A TIAPP file is a web application for the TiTanium web browser. It stores an executable app and includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. TIAPP files may also be opened as websites in other web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox.

TIAPP files are used for distributing apps for use in the TiTanium web browser. The apps are often uploaded by developers to the TiMedia App Store where they can be downloaded and installed by other TiTanium users. To install the TIAPP, simply select the app in the TiMedia App Store and it will be installed and opened in TiTanium.

NOTE: TiMedia TiTanium is discontinued.




How to solve problems with TIAPP files