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.sys is Windows System File

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File Extension .sys
Format Text and Binary
Created by Microsoft
Category System

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What is an .SYS file?

File extension sys is traditionally associated with system files, which contain code needed to properly load and configure Windows and were also used in MS-DOS system.

The sys files can also be part of hardware drivers and contain various instruction for their flawless operation. But make sure to always install drivers from reliable sources.

If you are not certain about your .sys files, it's better to leave them alone and do not delete them.  A corrupted or missing system file can cause the system to be unstable, unable to boot or data loss.

Typically, files with sys file extension include config.sys, pagefile.sys, hiberfil.sys and other files located within the root or Windows directory.

Files with sys file extension can be often found as various system files in DOS / Windows and other operating systems. They contain information needed to properly load and configure operating system. A corrupted or missing system file can cause the system to be unstable or unable to boot.

How to open:

System files are rarely meant to to be editted manually by the user. More often they are just automatically accessed by the operating system or some program.

How to convert:

These files are typically not meant to be converted to anything else.
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