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.sylk is Microsoft Symbolic Link File

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File Extension .sylk
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Created by Microsoft
Category Data

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What is an .SYLK file?

The sylk file extension is associated with Microsoft Excel for Mac. The SYLK stands for a Symbolic Link, which is a Microsoft file format typically used to exchange data between applications, specifically spreadsheets. SYLK files for Mac conventionally have a sylk file extension, but its basically same as the slk files.

From within a spreadsheet data can be exported in the SYLK format. Comprised of only ASCII characters, it is easily created and processed by other applications, such as databases.

Microsoft does not publish a SYLK specification. Variants of the format are supported by Multiplan, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Works, OpenOffice.org, and Gnumeric.

An sylk file extension is related to the Microsoft Excel for Mac, a spreadsheet editing software from Microsoft. An sylk file stores Symbolic Link.

How to open:

Use Microsoft Excel for Mac to open *.sylk files.

How to convert:

Use Excel to work with *.sylk files.
Microsoft Symbolic Link File - File openers


  1. Microsoft Excel 2016
  2. Corel WordPerfect X9


  1. Microsoft Excel 2016
  2. Mariner Calc XLS




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