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.sxc is StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet

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File Extension .sxc
Format N/A
Created by Sun Microsystems
Category Spreadsheet

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What is an .SXC file?

The sxc file extension is used for OpenOffice.Org 1.0 spreadsheet document format that was the default format of earlier version of OpenOffice.Org Calc and some other open source spreadsheet programs that adopted the same format.

The SXC format is lately replaced by ods file format (ODF Spreadsheet).

MIME types:

This sxc file type entry was marked as obsolete and no longer supported file format.

This type of file is no longer actively used and is most likely obsolete. This is typically the case for system files in old operating systems, file types from long discontinued software, or previous versions of certain file types (like documents, projects etc.) that were replaced in higher versions of their original programs.

An sxc file extension is related to OpenOffice.org free multiplatform office suite. An sxc file contains spreadsheet created in OpenOffice.org Calc version 1.

How to open:

Most spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.Org Calc can open *.sxc files.

How to convert:

You can open *.sxc files in any supported spreadsheet program and save it to another file format, like ODS or XLS.
StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet - File openers


  1. Apache OpenOffice
  2. LibreOffice


  1. Apache OpenOffice
  2. Planamesa NeoOffice
  3. LibreOffice


  1. Apache OpenOffice
  2. LibreOffice

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