.SWM File

.swm is Split Windows Imaging Format File

Key Features: .SWM File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .swm
Format Binary
Created by Microsoft
Category Disk Image

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What is an .SWM file?

File extension swm is associated with the Windows Imaging Format.

The Windows Imaging Format (WIM) is a file-based disk image format. It was developed by Microsoft to deploy its latest Windows operating system releases, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, which use it as part of their standard installation procedure.

By default, swm backup files are called:

backup.swm, backup1.swm, backup2.swm, etc.

Files with swm extension are related to the Windows Imaging Format and used for its split archive files (some kind of disk image file format). Windows Imaging Format is supported by Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

How to open:

Use Windows features to open *.swm split archives.

How to convert:

The easiest way how to convert *.swm archive is to decompress the swm archive with the use of compatible tools and repack the content with another compression utility of your choice.
Split Windows Imaging Format File - File openers


  1. Microsoft ImageX
  2. ExtractNow


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