.SV2I File

.sv2i is Symantec System Index File

Key Features: .SV2I File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .sv2i
Format Binary
Created by Symantec
Category Backup

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What is an .SV2I file?

The sv2i file extension is associated with the Symantec System Recovery (formerly known as Symantec Backup Exec) that is used to backup Windows servers.

The sv2i file contains specific information and settings that are used to faster restoring a recovery point back to the same drive on which the original volumes exist.

The sv2i file is related to the specific hardware of the machine the recovery point was created on.

An sv2i file extension is used for system index files associated with the Symantec Backup Exec (also known as Symantec System Recovery) Windows based servers backup suite.

How to open:

Symantec Backup Exec is able to work with *.sv2i system index files.

How to convert:

The *.sv2i file is used by the VMware vCenter Converter to convert Symantec System Recovery (Symantec Backup Exec) backup to VMDK file (VMware virtual machine).
Symantec System Index File - File openers


  1. Symantec Backup Exec 15
  2. VMware vCenter Converter




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