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.lsf is Advanced Streaming Format

Key Features: .LSF File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .lsf
Format N/A
Created by Microsoft Corporation
Category Digital video and movie

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What is an .LSF file?

The lsf file extension is associated with the Advanced Streaming Format developed by Microsoft.

Advanced Streaming Format (sometimes known as Active Streaming Format) is a container format designed by Microsoft to support audio and video playback from a variety of sources including both local playback and internet delivery.

The format is designed to allow playback to commence without the complete file being available. This makes it suitable for internet use where playback can begin soon after download commences or for PVR-type functions such as pausing live TV.

The container can be used to hold a variety of video and audio codecs but it is most commonly used for the WMV and WMA codecs. Other streams such as subtitles can also be included in the format.

The format supports inclusion of meta-data such as video clip name, song title etc. Support for DRM is also provided.

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Use compatible tools to work with *.lsf files.

How to convert:

Compatible tools may be able to export *.lsf files to other formats.

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Digital video and movie


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