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.jpg_320x240 is Android picture

Key Features: .JPG_320X240 File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .jpg_320x240
Format N/A
Created by Google Inc.
Category Bitmap image

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What is an .JPG_320X240 file?

The jpg_320x240 file extension is found on picture files saved in some Android based smartphones, like Samsung Galaxy S.

These jpg_320x240 files are stored in "my files" folder and look to be encrypted. They are perhaps generated by some app.

How to open:

The *.jpg_320x240 files may be viewable in Android picture viewer included in Galaxy S smart phone.

How to convert:

Considering this file is just a JPEG image in a fixed size, you can convert it to other graphics much like any common *.jpg file. You may need to rename the extension to regular jpg first though.

Google Inc.

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