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.iif is Intuit Interchange Format File

Key Features: .IIF File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .iif
Format Text
Created by Intuit
Category Data

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What is an .IIF file?

File extension iif is associated with Quickbooks, line of business accounting software developed and marketed by Intuit.

The iif file is saved in a generic data format and used for exporting of various financial data.

The IIF is a text-based tab-delimited format very similar to tsv file format. It can be imported by QuickBooks and most spreadsheet programs.

MIME types used for iif file:

Files with iif extension can be mainly found as financial data files in QuickBooks interchange format.

How to open:

Use Quickbooks to open or import the *.iif. You can also open them in any text editor and import in most spreadsheet programs.

How to convert:

Conversion of this format to other exchange formats for accounting or bank transactions is possible.
Intuit Interchange Format File - File openers


  1. Intuit QuickBooks Pro
  2. Microsoft Excel 2016
  3. Microsoft Notepad


  1. Intuit QuickBooks for Mac
  2. Microsoft Excel 2016




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