.HDD File

.hdd is Parallels Desktop Hard Disk File

Key Features: .HDD File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .hdd
Format Binary
Created by Parallels
Category Disk Image

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What is an .HDD file?

The hdd file extension is mainly associated with Parallels Workstation and Parallels Desktop for Mac virtualization software - a family of competitive products to VMware Workstation.

A typical .hdd file (Virtual Machine hard disk) contains virtual disk image of operation system and programs usable in Parallels Workstation. It is stored in the .pvm virtual machine container.

This file can be mounted by Parallels Mounter tool. Parallels Mounter allows you to browse the contents of your virtual machines and virtual hard disks directly in the Finder, without starting Parallels Explorer. But unlike Parallels Explorer, Parallels Mounter doesn't support VMware, Microsoft PC, and VirtualBox virtual machine files. Parallels Mounter is automatically installed along with Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Files with hdd file extension can be mostly found as virtual hard drives from Parallels Workstation and Parallels Desktop for Mac.

How to open:

Use with Parallels virtualization software to work with the *.hdd files. This file can be mounted like new drive into you host OS by Parallels mounter tool.

How to convert:

Various virtual machine files can be usually converted for use on different virtualization platforms. Typically done with some kind of export function.
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