.HAN File

.han is Amazon Kindle eBook Data File

Key Features: .HAN File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .han
Format Text
Created by Amazon
Category eBook

What is an .HAN file?

A HAN file is an eBook data file used by the Amazon Kindle reading device and Kindle Fire tablet computer. It contains information about a book such as notes, bookmarks, and reading progress. HAN files are similar to .MBP files and replaced them with the firmware 3.4 update.

HAN files are not intended to be seen by the user and are referenced by the Kindle and Kindle Fire devices to resume a book, which is commonly stored in the .AZW3 file, where the user left off along with storing notes and bookmarks. However, you can transfer a HAN file from a Kindle to a computer and open it with a text editor to view its contents.




How to solve problems with HAN files