.HAAS File

.haas is Everfine LED Lamp Test Results File

Key Features: .HAAS File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .haas
Format Text
Created by Everfine
Category Data

What is an .HAAS file?

A HAAS file is an encoded text file created by Everfine HAAS series spectroradiometers, which are used to measure the power distribution of a light source. It contains LED lamp test results, such as the lamp type, lighting spectrum, and the x,y coordinates of the lighting radius.

HAAS files are typically created by HAAS spectroradiometers but may also be created by the Everfine HAAS Suite, which is available for Windows. The suite is also the only program available to open HAAS files. You most likely will only come across this type of file if you use Everfine measuring instruments and are an LED lighting professional.

Everfine LED Lamp Test Results File - File openers


  1. Everfine HAAS Suite




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