.H1F File

.h1f is Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform client help file

Key Features: .H1F File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .h1f
Format N/A
Created by Microsoft Corporation
Category System

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What is an .H1F file?

The Assistance Platform client (HelpPane.exe) is a new Help engine designed for Windows Vista. It is not compatible with any previous versions of Windows. The Assistance Platform client is required to display Help files with the h1s file name extension.

In Windows Vista, the Assistance Platform client can be customized by OEMs, system builders, and enterprise customers under license agreement, but cannot be used by third-party programs. For more information on customizing the Assistance Platform client, see the Windows SDK.

Decompiling a h1s file may generate a h1f file.

How to open:

Use HelpPane.exe to open *.h1f

How to convert:

Unless there are suggested applications listed below the extension description, that are able to convert the system files, there is usually no way to convert system files into any other file format. Any attempts to rename system files is strongly discouraged, as it can cause the system to be corrupted and not work properly.

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