.H15 File

.h15 is H&R Block Canada 2015 Tax Return

Key Features: .H15 File Extension

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File Extension .h15
Format N/A
Created by H&R Block Canada
Category Data

What is an .H15 file?

2015 tax return created and used by H&R Block Canada, a Canadian tax preparation program; contains tax data entered by the user such as personal information and income earned; also includes Canadian federal income tax forms;

The H15 file enables you to save your progress on your tax return so you can resume it at a later time. H&R Block allows you to access the H15 tax return file via the H&R Block Canada Tax Software desktop application or by uploading it to H&R Block Canada Online. H&R Block Canada tax return files reflect the year for which they contain tax data. The .H14 file contains tax return data for 2014 and .H13 contains tax data for 2013.

H&R Block Canada 2015 Tax Return - File openers


  1. H&R Block Canada Tax Software
  2. Intuit Canada TurboTax


  1. Intuit Canada TurboTax


  1. H&R Block Canada Online

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