.H.263 File

.h.263 is H.263 encoded video data

Key Features: .H.263 File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .h.263
Format N/A
Created by RealNetworks
Category Digital video and movie

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What is an .H.263 file?

The h.263 file extension is related to H.263 video codec.

H.263 video codec was developed in 1995 for low bitrates communication and officially used by videoconferencing applications. Later was used to encode Flash Video and RealVideo. The H.263 was replaced by the H.264 and VP6 codecs.

The most used multimedia container to store h.263 was 3GP.

How to open:

Use compatible tools to work with *.h.263 files.

How to convert:

Probably can be exported to other formats.


Digital video and movie


How to solve problems with H.263 files