.GVF File

.gvf is Genome variation format file

Key Features: .GVF File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .gvf
Format N/A
Created by Gvf
Category Various data

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What is an .GVF file?

File extension gvf is related to the Genome Variation Format, a very simple file format for describing sequence_alteration features at nucleotide resolution relative to a reference genome. The GVF format was published in Reese et al., Genome Biol., 2010;11(8):R88.

It is a s standard variation file format for human genome sequences.

How to open:

Likely only useable in special software that can read genome data.

How to convert:

Unfortunately, we do not know about any possible conversion for .gvf files.


Various data


How to solve problems with GVF files