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.gtp is Gerber Top Solder Paste Data File

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File Extension .gtp
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What is an .GTP file?

The gtp file extension is mainly related to Guitar Pro, a software developed by Arobas Music and is used to to compose music, editing directly into a tablature and/or musical partiture, study music. Also can be used as a MIDI sequencer.

The gtp file contain project created and saved in Guitar Pro.

Files with gtp file extension can be found as audio projects created using the Guitar Pro music composing software.

How to open:

Use Guitar Pro or some 3rd party alternative to open and work with *.gtp files.

How to convert:

Guitar projects can be exported to either MIDI audio files or music sheets in one of the typical exchange formats, or simly as PDF.
Gerber Top Solder Paste Data File - File openers


  1. Autodesk EAGLE
  2. Altium Designer
  3. Viewplot
  4. Gerbv


  1. Autodesk EAGLE
  2. Gerbv
  3. gEDA


  1. Autodesk EAGLE
  2. gEDA
  3. Gerbv




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