.GSX File

.gsx is Sega Genesis Emulator Saved State File

Key Features: .GSX File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .gsx
Format Binary
Category Game

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What is an .GSX file?

The gsx file extension is associated with Gens and other emulators of Sega Genesis, Megadrive video gaming consoles.

Gens has a high compatibility rate and good speed. It also has many nice features including a multi language menu, netplay with Kaillera, great SEGA-CD support and now 32x emulation.

The gsx file contains saved state from Sega game, created by Gens.

A gsx file extension is related to the Gens and other Sega emulators. A gsx file stores emulator saved state.

How to open:

Use Gens to open *.gsx files.

How to convert:

Probably cannot be converted to anything else.
Sega Genesis Emulator Saved State File - File openers


  1. Kega Fusion
  2. Gens/GS


  1. Kega Fusion


  1. Kega Fusion
  2. Gens/GS



How to solve problems with GSX files