.gstencil is OmniGraffle Stencil

Key Features: .GSTENCIL File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .gstencil
Format Binary
Created by The Omni Group
Category Vector Image

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What is an .GSTENCIL file?

The gstencil file extension seems to be related to a special vector library format used by OmniGraffle diagramming software for OS X (macOS) by The Omni Group.

The gstencil library contains premade vector pictures that can be used when making new or editing existing diagrams.

Files with gstencil file extension can be usually encountered as stencils libraries for OmniGraffle diagramming app for Mac.

How to open:

As far as we know, you can import these stencils only to OmniGraffle.

How to convert:

When individual vectors are imported as objects, there is perhaps a way to export them as single vector pictures.
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