.encrypted is Various ransomware affected file

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File Extension .encrypted
Format N/A
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Category Ransomware encrypted

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What is an .ENCRYPTED file?

File extension encrypted is commonly used by various ransomware as a replacement for the original suffix after the files have been encrypted.

Literally, dozen different ransomware types use this extension, so if you find one of these on your drive, you have to determine the exact type based on the ransomware note that is usually found in affected folders.

Ransomware which use encrypted extension include:

  • KeRanger
  • Apocalypse
  • Smrss32
  • DonaldTrump
  • RansomPlus
  • Pickles

How to open:

Some of .encrypted files can be decrypted, but many of them cannot be. Your best option is to look for a decryptor a particular type of ransomware which you can identify based on the ransomware note.

How to convert:

The original files can only be converted once they have been successfully recovered.

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