.encrypt is Alpha ransomware affected file

Key Features: .ENCRYPT File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .encrypt
Format N/A
Created by Encrypt
Category Ransomware encrypted

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What is an .ENCRYPT file?

The encrypt file extension is infamously associated with a ransomware labeled as Alpha that is distributed via e-mails, encrypts users files and them demands ransom iTunes Gift Cards.

This particular ransomware was encountered in late April 2016.

How to open:

Such files can only be accessed again and recovered when you pay the ransom, in this case in iTunes Gift Cards. Your only alternative would be to use the Alpha Ransomware Decryptor.

How to convert:

You cannot convert or recover .encrypt files without some decryption utility, luckily there is Alpha Ransomware Decryptor available.


Ransomware encrypted


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