.emulecollection is eMule Data File

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File Extension .emulecollection
Format N/A
Created by eMule
Category Text

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What is an .EMULECOLLECTION file?

The emulecollection file extension is mainly related to the popular peer-to-peer sharing application eMule.

An .emulecolletion file contains sequence of lines of text identifying ed2k (eDonkey Network) links to files.

Text lines include an ed2k link prefix, file name, file size and a hash code to help recover corrupted files.

Files with emulecollection suffix can be typically found as some kind of data files for eMule program.

How to open:

Maybe you can work with this file type using eMule, but it looks more like a data file that is not meant to be accessed by the user.

How to convert:

It is highly unlikely that you can ever convert this file type to anything else.
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