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.emmt is MindMaple Map Template

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File Extension .emmt
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Created by MindMaple
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What is an .EMMT file?

An EMMT file is a template created by MindMaple, a mind mapping application used to brainstorm and organize ideas. It contains contents of a map, which includes text, shapes, branches, images, and icons that represent ideas and objectives. EMMT files are similar to .EMM files but are used to replicate maps for multiple uses.

EMMT file open in MindMaple 1.7

You can create a template by selecting File → Save as then choosing "MindMaple templates" from the "Save as type" field. You can also export the map to another file format such as .DOC, .XLS, .PPT, .HTML, .JPEG, and .TXT.

MindMaple is designed to help you visually organize ideas, whether it be for brainstorming, taking notes, tracking projects, or researching topics. You can create maps that consist of ideas branched together with other ideas and images. MindMaple is available for Windows, macOS, and iOS in Lite and Pro editions.

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