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.embl is EMBL Sequence Data File

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File Extension .embl
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Created by European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Category Data

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What is an .EMBL file?

The embl file extension is used for IEMBL Nucleotide file format used in some chemistry analyzing software, like SnapGene.

The embl file stores raw sequencing data, sequence assembly data and annotation.

Mime types:

An embl file extension is related to the European Nucleotide Archive format.

How to open:

Use SnapGene to open *.embl files.

How to convert:

Probably cannot be converted to anything else.
EMBL Sequence Data File - File openers


  1. DNASTAR Lasergene
  2. GeneStudio SeqVerter


  1. DNASTAR Lasergene


  1. DNASTAR Lasergene

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