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.ehi is HTTP Injector Config File

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File Extension .ehi
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Created by Evozi
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What is an .EHI file?

File extension ehi is mainly related to the HTTP Injector, an application for Google Android operating system that allows users to set custom HTTP header.

It seems that .ehi file contains configuration of Internet connection for Evozi HTTP Injector including security information and server login credentials.

Files with ehi extension can be most often found as internet configuration files for so called Evozi HTTP Injector.

How to open:

The *.ehi files can be created and opened by Evozi HTTP Injector. However, various configuration files are stored in simple text format, also you can try any text editor to view content of *.ehi file.

How to convert:

Conversion to other formats seems to be impossible. The *.ehi files are used for configuration purposes of Evozi HTTP Injector only. You are able to export/import *.ehi files to HTTP Injector program.
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