.EGT File

.egt is EagleGet Temporary File

Key Features: .EGT File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .egt
Format N/A
Created by EagleGet
Category Misc

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What is an .EGT file?

File extension egt is mainly associated with the EagleGet, an Internet download acceleration tool for Microsoft Windows operating system.

Such .egt files represents incomplete downloads initiated with EagleGet. After the download is complete, the egt file extension is removed from the file.

Files with egt extension can be found as incomplete download from EagleGet download accelerate tool.

How to open:

Some programs can recover and continue in download of old partial files, but mostly it does not work and you have to start the download again.

How to convert:

Incomplete downloads are not meant to be converted. You have to finish the download first and convert the original file.
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