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File Extension .egg
Format N/A,Binary
Created by Carnegie Mellon
Category 3D Image

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  1. 1- a Panda3D Model File

What is an .EGG file?

1- a Panda3D Model File

Panda3D model format used by Panda3D, a 3D engine designed primarily for game development; defines all transforms, including joint transforms, relative to the model's parent node; all vertices are defined using global coordinates.

2- a ALZip Archive File

An EGG file is a compressed archive created by ALZip, a program for compressing & decompressing file. It contains one or more files compressed in the proprietary EGG format. EGG files may incorporate AES-256 encryption and password protection for securing the archive. The EGG format incorporates intelligent compression techniques for creating smaller file sizes. It also supports Unicode and therefore is useful for multi-lingual archives.

How to open: .EGG file can be openned in Panda Viewer / ESTSoft ALZip 8

- Panda 3D is developed and maintained by the Panda3D Development Team at the Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center

- ALZip is a simple compression tool for Windows that is especially popular in Korea. It has two proprietary formats: the EGG format, which was released in version 8 and the .ALZ format, which is similar to the Zip format. The program can also compress and decompress files into other formats, such as .TAR and .ZIP.

How to convert: You can decompress EGG files using ALZip and Bandizip in Windows. You can also use UnEgg in Linux.

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  1. Panda3D


  1. Panda3D

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