.EFW File

.efw is Renamed Zip or Executable File

Key Features: .EFW File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .efw
Format Zip
Created by Computer Associates
Category Compressed

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What is an .EFW file?

The efw file extension is used for a compressed ZIP or executable EXE file renamed by CA Security Centre.

Typically applies to e-mail attachments scanned by Computer Associates (CA) antivirus software.

Files with efw file extension are commonly used by CA Security Center for some sort of compressed archive. It's basically a renamed ZIP file.

How to open:

EFW zipped files may be opened by changing the file extension to .zip and opening the file with a decompression utility, such as WinZip. Executable files may be run directly by changing the file extension to .exe and opening the file.

How to convert:

Probably cannot be converted to anything else.
Renamed Zip or Executable File - File openers


  1. Corel WinZip 23
  2. E-merge WinAce
  3. PKZip
  4. Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe for Windows


  1. Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe 16


  1. funzip
  2. p7zip

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