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.edg is Edge Diagrammer File

Key Features: .EDG File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .edg
Format Text
Created by Pacestar Software
Category Data

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What is an .EDG file?

The edg file extension is associated with the VAX family of computers with Intergraph's IGDS software developed by DEC. The EdG stands for Edit Graphics. The edg extension file format is used to edit graphics in text mode of computer.

Files with edg extension are used for the Intergraph's IGDS software. 

How to open:

This file type is not meant to be opened directly, there is no software that could open and work with it directly, or there is no information available in public sources about opening this file type. This is usually the case of some internal data files, caches, temporary files etc.

How to convert:

It is not possible to convert files with edg extension.
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