.ECSV File

.ecsv is Encapsulated Comma Separated Value

Key Features: .ECSV File Extension

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File Extension .ecsv
Format N/A
Created by Microsoft Corporation
Category Database

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What is an .ECSV file?

The ecsv file extension is associated with the Encapsulated Comma Separated Value file format. It is used for housekeeping, engineering, and to store PCS data.

A typical .ecsv file contains a number of columns that relate to the channel name, type, DN and EU values, etc. It is stored in simple text format and can be viewed in text editor.

How to open:

Use any text editor to open and edit *.ecsv files. Some spreadsheet or database programs may also be able to read and import the data properly.

How to convert:

Spreadsheet and some database programs should be able to convert ECSV file type to other format.

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