.DFXP File

.dfxp is Timed Text Markup Language distribution format exchange profile

Key Features: .DFXP File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .dfxp
Format N/A
Created by Microsoft Corporation
Category Digital video and movie

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What is an .DFXP file?

The dfxp file extension is mainly related to the Timed Text Markup Language captioning format popular amongst Flash and Silverlight players.

The dfxp file (distribution format exchange profile) contains subtitles for on-line Flash or Silverlight video, it is stored in XML text file format and viewable in a text editor.

How to open:

Use any text editor to view content of *.dfxp files.

How to convert:

Considering it is XML-based format, some sort of conversion or parsing is perhaps possible.

Microsoft Corporation

Digital video and movie


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