Parametric Technology Corporation File Extensions: A Complete Guide

File Description
.mcd MiniCAD Design File
.mcat Master Catalog file
.xmcd Mathcad Worksheet File
.xmcdz Mathcad Compressed Worksheet File
.3r Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher raster image
.thr Pro/ENGINEER data
.bmb Pro/ENGINEER temporary data
.pvz ProductView packaged structure and drawing
.mi CoCreate CAD drawing
.lay Pro/ENGINEER layout
.sdexp Creo Elements/Direct model
.254 Pro/Engineer versioned data
._pd CADDS data
.wf4 Creo Parametric symbol data
.mfg Pro/Engineer manufacturing data
.fmr Pro/ENGINEER data
.wmc MathCAD backup of startup data
.bde Pro/ENGINEER temporary
.mech Pro/MECHANICA settings
.m_p Pro/ENGINEER temporary data
.bdi Pro/ENGINEER temporary data
.memb Pro/ENGINEER temporary file
.57 Creo Elements/Pro versioned data
.59 Creo Elements/Pro versioned data