Encoded And Encrypted - Files Extension

File Extension File Type
.apv Acerose Password Vault Password File
.vf3 Vaultlet Suite encrypted file
.apw Any Password password cache
.lma P's Logik-Manager protect file
.poo On-Line game protected file
.pkr Pretty Good Privacy public keyring
.slm Gallery Lock hidden media
.eff eFileFolders file format
.qze QZip encrypted data
.rpz Crystal Reports ZIP compressed and encrypted report file
.pcxm SQL Server encrypted forms backup file
.lgb QuickBooks little green box
.ee Encrypt Easy encrypted data
.rpgmvp RPG Maker MV encrypted PNG image
.signed macOS (OS X) data signature
.crypt10 WhatsApp Messenger encrypted message database backup
.leotmi Privacy Lock protected picture
.vsf Voltage SecureFile encrypted document
.auth ShopSite store authorization
.aee ASUS Data Security Manager protected data
.jpgenx Egis encrypted JPG picture image
.awsec Vodafone Secure Content Locker encrypted data
.pp7m Entrust Entelligence Security Provider password-encrypted data
.uhh Eurotherm Hydra History encrypted data