3d Graphics - Files Extension

File Extension File Type
.slc 3D Systems SLiCe countour data
.amd Alphacam 3D Mill, 2D Mill drawing, Amusic Tracker Audio Module
.imw Imageware Surfacer 3D CAD surface geometry file
.kss FabTrol MRP template
.ldm VolumeViz multi-resolution volume image
.bs Ball and Stick chemical modeller
.dch DipTrace schematics
.ems eMachineShop CAD design
.anl Alphacam nest list
.3pi 3rd PlanIt data
.dgr MicroStation CAD design
.lp Lightscape 3D object
.m01 MicroStation modification resource data
.brp Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator image
.amt Alphacam 3D Mill, 2D Mill tool
.lin AutoCAD linetype definition
.pvz ProductView packaged structure and drawing
.lay6 Sprint-Layout document
.ncz Netcad drawing
.sxe ProfiCAD document
.a3p Alice 3 project
.mi CoCreate CAD drawing
.mvl Medison 3D volume data
.stpz Catia compressed STEP document