.BDB File

.bdb is Microsoft Works Database Backup File

Key Features: .BDB File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .bdb
Format N/A
Created by Microsoft
Category Backup

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What is an .BDB file?

The bdb file extension is associated with Microsoft Works, an office suite produced by Microsoft, which was offered as smaller, less expensive, and with fewer features than the Microsoft Office suite.

Its core functionality includes a word processor, a spreadsheet and a database.

The bdb files are used by Microsoft Works for backups of wdb database files.

You can restore the bdb files if you rename the extension to wdb.

Files with bdb file extension can mainly be found as database backups. One of the most common is the one created by Microsoft Works.

How to open:

Use Microsoft Works to open *.bdb database backup.

How to convert:

Use compatible tools to export *.bdb files to other formats.
Microsoft Works Database Backup File - File openers


  1. Microsoft Works
  2. Microsoft Access 2016




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