.BC! File

.bc! is Bittorrent unfinished download

Key Features: .BC! File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .bc!
Format N/A
Created by BitComet.com
Category Temporary

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What is an .BC! file?

The bc! file extension is used by several BitTorrent clients for uncompleted downloads in progress. These files are usually not meant to be opened directly until the download is finished.

See also: TORRENT file extension for more information.

How to open:

In most cases, there is really no way to access these files. Some multimedia files can perhaps be played, but it is likely that you will experience errors or the file might not load at all.

How to convert:

These files cannot be converted, because their download has not been successfully finished. You can convert the original file once the download is done.




How to solve problems with BC! files